Real-time PCR test systems

One of Xema Ukraine’s main activities is the production of real-time PCR test systems for human infectious diseases.

Production takes place according to ISO 13485 standards, which determine the highest level of quality control of components and finished products.

All Hema PCR Kits:

  • Include components for quality control of material collection and nucleic acid excretion and are primers and probe for detection of human DNA in each sample;
  • Uniform for all kits and simple protocol for the preparation of the reaction mix – mix only 2 components and insert the mix into tubes, strips or plate, which reduces the time for analysis and eliminates the possibility of error in the preparation of the mix;
  • Contains all the necessary components for PCR;
  • Adapted to all detecting plate or rotor type thermocycler.

We are always ready to assist the laboratories at all stages of cooperation, provide prompt delivery of reagents, methodical and service support, as well as provide training at our laboratory.